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List of Famous Tattoo Artists

  • Yoji Harada

    Yoji Harada is a tattoo artist from Japan, and he’s also a musician too. He gained international fame from appearing on the hit TLC reality television show, Miami Ink. There is a little bit of a connection to another TLC show, L.A. Ink, because Kat Von D used to be

  • Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell is a tattoo artist from New York, and he is an artist as well as a tattoo artist. He has a huge list of celebrity clients that includes Marc Jacobs, Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom, Courtney Love, Robert Downey, Jr., Sting, and Heath Ledger. Much like Kat Von D

  • Sailor Jerry

    Sailor Jerry is not the real name of a famous tattoo artist who was famous for tattooing sailors. His real name was Norman Keith Collins. He lived from 1911 until 1973. He got the moniker, Sailor Jerry, because of his predilection for tattooing sailors. Collins left behind a big legacy.

  • Paul Booth

    Paul Booth is an amazing American tattoo artist, and he has a big, bold tattoo on the side of his head. He’s worked for serious bands like Sepultura, Solufly, Pantera, Slayer, Mudvayne, and Slipknot. He started out as an entrepreneur when he was quite young. He started his own sign-making

  • Mister Cartoon

    Mister Cartoon is quite a name, and it’s an appropriate name for one of the best tattoo artists, bar none. Mark Machado is his real name, and he sometimes just goes by Cartoon, and he’s a Mexican-American graffiti artist and tattoo artist, and he lives in LA, California. He’s considered

  • Lyle Tuttle

    Lyle Tuttle is a very well-known, and very old, tattoo artist, and he is a history student of the tattoo art medium, and he has been tattooing for over 60 years. He grew up in California. He bought his first tattoo at age fourteen. He started being a professional tattoo

  • Kat Von D

    Kat Von D is short for Katherine von Drachenberg. She’s Mexican-American, and a world-famous tattoo artist, with her own TV show, LA Ink, and numerous appearances on talk shows, including David Letterman. Her show premiered on August 7, 2007, and it ran for a total of four seasons. She has

  • Jack Rudy

    Jack Rudy is a tattoo artist with many innovations to his name. He reinvented the ‘Black and Gray’ tattooing style, single-needle use, and realistic portraits. He is considered to be one of the best tattoo artists in the world. Jack Rudy left the Marines in the mid ‘70s, and he

  • Hannah Aitchison

    Hannah Aitchison is a tattoo artist from Chicago. She works at Deluxe Tattoo, and she is very well-known for her appearances on the hit TLC reality TV show, L.A. Ink. Her vibrant colors, portraits, and pin-up work are famous across the world, and her tattoos are very highly sought, and

  • Darren Brass

    Darren Brass is a tattoo artist from America, and like so many other prominent tattoo artists, he was featured on the TLC reality television show, Miami Ink. He has some impressive influences too, like Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, Joe Vegas, and Chris Garver. He even helped found a children’s clothing