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Ami James

Ami James is a world-famous tattoo artist from Israel. James had sort of an interesting life. His father was an American, but he started practicing the Jewish faith, and he moved to Israel three years later. He ended up joining the Israeli army, and he met James’ mother there. James lived in different locations as a child, both in Egypt and Israel, and he spent a lot of time as a child without his dad who left his family when he was very young, at just four years of age. James suffered from terrible ADD, and he said that he wanted to go into tattooing and art from an early age because his father was a painter, and he also had tattoos.

James moved to the U.S. when he was 12, and he lived with the parents of his father before he moved to Miami when he was 12 or so. He returned to Israel in his teen years, and he did his military service there, which was mandatory, and he became a sniper. That’s kind of an odd combination to have skills as a sniper and a tattoo artist, but, surprisingly, tattoo artists have very diverse backgrounds. They don’t all go through school to be a tattoo artist, as it were. He received his first tattoo when he was just 15, and it was an event want to turn into a tattoo artist himself. He confirmed at that time that he wanted to become a tattoo artist. He began an apprenticeship with a tattoo artist named Lou. He was the half-owner of Love Hate Tattoos, which is the TLC reality television show, Miami Ink’s, featured tattoo shop. This is a place where a lot of famous tattoo artists got worldwide recognition, including Kat Von D and Yoji Harada. Many of them moved on to develop their own solo careers after this show.

He also co-owns a clothing line and nightclub. He has even created designs for mobile phones. He has a wife, Jordan, who gave birth to her first child, Shayli, in 2008. They had a second child, another daughter, who was born in year 2012.

He also put some of his money into a jewelry line.

He lived for a couple of months in Denmark once, and he did a lot of tattoo work there.

He announced on his blog that he was going to New York, and that he was going to be filming his own show, NY Ink, in March 2011. The show came out in June. Season 2 of the show came out in December, and it went into March 2012.

It has been revealed that he is creating a tattoo studio called Love Hate Social Club in London in November 2012. There will be a lot of guest artists that come to the studio, including Chris Nunez, Megan Massacre, and Darren Brass.

Ami James is a very prolific artist, and that’s part of the reason why he’s been able to stamp his name into the public consciousness so much. So many of these tattoo artists, like Kat Von D, Yoji Harada, and others are all in different areas, besides tattooing, and this could include clothing lines, fragrances, music, phones, and reality television shows. The path of the artist is never finished, and it’s amazing to see how much these people can come up with, outside of their primary talent of tattooing. It could be argued that their primary talent is as an artist, and they just choose to work in different mediums, like tattooing, music, or nightclub interior design.