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Chris Garver

Chris Garver is a tattoo artist, and he’s on the hit television show, the reality TV show, Miami Ink.

He was born, and grew up, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he went to a local high school for for the arts. His mom was an artist, and she encouraged him to do drawing and painting. He first started tattooing when he was 17, and he sold his guitar to buy tattoo equipment. He went to a visual arts school, and he was an apprentice for six months, and he repaired old tattoos that had to be touched up, and he then started doing tattoos of his own. He set up shop in New York City in his early twenties, and he became a real full-time tattoo artist.

Chris Garver started tattooing in 1998, and he became one of the most well-known tattoo artists in the world. He went to the School of Visual Arts in New York, and he learned from and worked with several of the most legendary tattoo artists in the business. He was a world traveler, and he went to Japan, Miami, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York. He thinks it makes him a more well-rounded tattoo artist. He got mainstream attention from the TV show, Miami Ink, and many notable tattoo artists got their start on the hit television show, including Kat Von D and Yoji Harada. The show led to a ton of new opportunities for him.

Once the show was over, he joined up with some other cast members, and he started an infant clothing company, and it was called Ruthless and Toothless. He’s been able to push the artistic boundaries, and he’s done it using a digital medium too. Even though the new business takes up much of his time, he still has plenty of time to tattoo in New York City.

There is a portfolio on his site where you can see the exquisite work that includes flowers, faces, skulls, cars, lions, women, roses, orchids, petunias, and dragons. There is a New Age mysticism embedded in his work, and you can see it shining through in his portfolio.

Chris Garver is a media darling too. He’s been prominently featured in the media, not the least of which was the show, Miami Ink.

He has a shop on his website, and you can buy lots of art prints on there, including those of beautifully tattooed Asian women. It’s a true wonder to see all the different kinds of art prints he has on his site. There’s also prints of leaping Koi. There’s a beautiful Mother of All Skulls print. There’s a black viper print too.

Chris Garver is an associate of several of the world’s top tattoo artists, and he’s learned from them, and he’s also traveled the globe and seen quite a lot from other tattoo studios, and he’s a very well-rounded tattoo artist at this age. From an early age, his mom encouraged him to be an artist, and he’s done so throughout his whole life. He’s only improved and gotten better with age. He’s become a much more well-rounded tattoo artist. Chris Garver is a serious tattoo artist with his own shop who’s paid his dues, and his gone from the bottom rung of the ladder to the top. Like another prominent artist, Scott Campbell, he does a lot of artwork and tattoos too. He works in multiple fields, and he’s a very prolific artist.

Chris Garver is a name that’s well-known in the tattoo community, especially in New York City. He’s definitely one of the greats.