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Darren Brass

Darren Brass is a tattoo artist from America, and like so many other prominent tattoo artists, he was featured on the TLC reality television show, Miami Ink. He has some impressive influences too, like Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, Joe Vegas, and Chris Garver. He even helped found a children’s clothing company called Ruthless and Toothless. Some of his Miami Ink co-stars were involved too, like Yoji Harada.

Darren Brass’s designs are bold, colorful, bright, big, and feature beautiful themse like skulls, flowers, cars, women, fish, and dragons in beautiful colors that are uncharacteristic of how they would normally look. They’re huge and beautiful, and that’s part of the reason why he cites Ed Hardy as an influence. Ed Hardy was known for his bold, big, and beautiful designs that were extremely colorful.

Darren Brass is Mexican-American, and he has gorgeous slicked-back hair and a goatee. He sometimes sports a cross necklace. Like his other Miami Ink co-stars, he’s a unique individual with a great look, and he’s perfect for making a real impression in the tattooing world.

He was quoted as saying that everything he does is for his baby boy. That’s probably part of the reason he started Ruthless and Toothless with some of his other Miami Ink co-stars. Yoji Harada had just had a baby daughter too, and part of the reason he asked to be moved up to a full-time tattoo artist, and not an apprentice, was to make real money for his daughter. It was also part of the impetus for him starting Ruthless and Toothless.

He describes his passion in creating Ruthless and Toothless as something that was supposed to be fresh, exciting, new, and creative, and take children’s clothing in a bold direction, where it hadn’t gone before.

He has about 80% of his body tattooed, and he wants to raise his son in a way that he can make a responsible decision about whether he should get tattoos at all, and what kind of tattoos he should get. He just wants to be the best possible role model he can be to his child.

He was grateful to be able to work on Miami Ink and show the diverse view of people who were in tattooing, a form of art that was taboo for many years.

He doesn’t feel it’s a personal problem if someone doesn’t want tattoos, and he thinks it’s a personal decision for someone. There’s no wrong or right answer. He’s a very conscious and open-minded person, but he’s also very grounded and thoughtful. It’s great to look at his personality, through his looks, attitude, and interviews, and see a person that is not the typical kind of tattoo artist stereotype. That’s part of what the Miami Ink show was all about, and he’s talked about that point in interviews too.

Darren Brass is wildly successful as a tattoo artist, but also as an entrepreneur and clothing designer. There are a number of people like him in the industry, but that number is small. It takes quite a lot to rise to the level of fame that he has, and it’s not just talent. It’s the right attitude, the look, and all the rest.

Darren Brass does interviews for magazines, blogs, and online newspapers that cover his tattoo artistry and clothing business. It’s interesting that several of the tattoo artists on the show, Miami Ink, were involved in entrepreneurial activities. There seems to be a connection between tattoo artistry and entrepreneurial activities, and there are a lot of awesome guys in the industry doing both at the moment. Some of the world’s top rising entrepreneurs are also tattoo artists.