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Hannah Aitchison

Hannah Aitchison is a tattoo artist from Chicago. She works at Deluxe Tattoo, and she is very well-known for her appearances on the hit TLC reality TV show, L.A. Ink. Her vibrant colors, portraits, and pin-up work are famous across the world, and her tattoos are very highly sought, and she has a waiting list of up to six months or a year. She’s also an expert at knitting, and she’s studied classical singing too.

She told a small news company that the reason she started getting tattoos was because she wanted to have more self-confidence. She said that she didn’t really enjoy the art, but once you get your initial tattoo, you’re hooked in for life.

She also added some quotes to the book, Girls Against Girls, by the author, Bonnie Burton.

She is the sister of another prominent tattoo artist, Guy Aitchison.

Hannah Aitchison has a beautiful website, and she does hyper-realistic tattoos, and you can see a lot of them in the gallery on her website. There are over three dozen tattoo pictures on the site. There is such a long waiting list for her tattoos because they are hyper-realistic, gorgeous, and colorful, and there’s not many people around the world that can tattoo like her. She’s got a special gift, and she uses it well.

There’s also merchandise available on her website, and there are t-shirts, buttons, mugs, posters, magnets, and lots of fun schwag too. There is a fan club with all the coolest gear.

You can contact her on the website and set up an appointment. Now that’s she back from LA Ink, she’s free to take in new clients now.

She was born in 1966, and she focuses her artwork on colorful and bold works of life-like art, like classic Americana, pin-ups, and portraits. She has a passion for the technical challenge element to creating tattoos, and she is also a single mother who’s attempting to raise her daughter right. She has lots of other interests like traveling, boxing, knitting, and painting.

She was one of a series of four tattoo artists that were seen on the reality TV show, LA Ink. She worked with the famous Kat Von D, and she was a participant at the shop, High Voltage Tattoo, where visitors from all over the world come to take part in the experience of tattoo creation and art. Her daughter is named Holly, and her famous tattoo artist brother is named Guy Aitchison.

She also had a guest interview on the show, Last Call with Carson Daly, in 2008. She was a famous artist, and still is, but the show, LA Ink, at the time, got her a lot of exposure. She’s spent a whole lifetime perfecting her craft, and customers are lucky if they can get an appointment.

It takes a lot to get a guest appearance on LA Ink, and Hannah Aitchison is one of the best, and one of the true legends.

There is a section on her website for conventions & travel, and you can see what she’s up to and where she’s going. She travels frequently, and she’s a bustling tattoo artist community member. She doesn’t just sit alone in her shop and do lots of tattoos. That’s possibly why her waiting list is so booked.

You can enter all the information and details about your tattoo on her website on the contact form, and you can input exactly what you want. There’s no red tape or bureaucracy. You’re working directly with a tattoo artist, and one of the benefits of that is that you don’t have to go through all the obstacles, and feel like you’re walking on pins and needles, pun intended.