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Jack Rudy

Jack Rudy is a tattoo artist with many innovations to his name. He reinvented the ‘Black and Gray’ tattooing style, single-needle use, and realistic portraits. He is considered to be one of the best tattoo artists in the world.

Jack Rudy left the Marines in the mid ‘70s, and he started his career as an apprentice in East Los Angeles at Goodtime Charlie’s. He worked with Charlie Cartwright, a friend of his he had met while at the Old Long Beach pike. Cartwright and Rudy began to perfect their craft of Black and Gray style, single-needle tattoos. They simultaneously created a whole new modern tattooing sub-genre, and they raised the bar for new tattoo artists, and all artists. He has a very distinguishable and distinct style that’s well-regarded for his attention to detail in dark and light shades of grey and black. He has created a more realistic and softer style of tattooing, and with the beginning of the new single needle technology, artists were able to use a much better level of detail than they were able to previously attain, with the more readily accepted and older tattoo needle and machine configurations. As their client base began to request this ‘penitentiary-style’, they made a tattoo machine configured for single-needle use.

Right now, Rudy is the Beatnik Car Club president, and it’s a car club which makes it members own 50s-model hot rods, and have lots of tattoos. He is also the owner of Tattooland, an ‘old school’ street shop, and it’s located in Anaheim, in California.

Tattooville is the NJ home of Jack Rudy, a world-renowned artist, known from the West Coast to the East Coast. He is also the owner of a sister shop, Tattooland, in Anaheim, California, on the West Coat. This tattoo artist is known from coast to coast, and he has a business presence on both coasts.

Jack Rudy’s black and grey, kool kustom black, and portraits are known all around the world, and his work has been in high demand for over three decades. He stops in to the tattoo shop, Tattooville, several times a year, so you can email or call ahead to make an appointment. Whether you’re on the West Coast or the East Coast, you can set up an appointment to get tattooed. If you’re going to get tattooed, wouldn’t you want it want to be by one of the best tattoo artists in the world? Wouldn’t you want it to mean something?

Jack Rudy has been featured in several tattoo magazines, and he’s a master in the tattoo world, if there ever was one. He has a body of work that goes back over 35 years, and his work shows no signs of ceasing. He’s basically turned black and grey into a style that’s become popular now in the culture, and his style is world-renowned. It’s one thing to be a very good tattoo artist, but it’s quite another thing to reinvent a style and be known for it. That takes a special kind of ability to be able to create a whole new style all your own and turn it into something that’s known around the globe.

The ‘black and grey’ penitentiary style is called as such because it was developed in the California prison system. Anahaem is a tattoo haven, and Jack Rudy is one of the top tattooists in the area, which says a lot about his renown. There are so many shops to compete with, and his stands out as being above the rest. He’s become a kind of legend in the tattoo community.