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Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is a tattoo artist from New York, and he is an artist as well as a tattoo artist. He has a huge list of celebrity clients that includes Marc Jacobs, Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom, Courtney Love, Robert Downey, Jr., Sting, and Heath Ledger. Much like Kat Von D in Hollywood, California, this is a famous tattoo artist that is known for doing famous people. His work clearly speaks for itself, as you can tell on his website, where he has tattoo artwork and paintings. His reputation spreads by word-of-mouth too, and he’s got several celebrity clients that can testify to this. His work is signature and unique, like many of the notable tattoo artists that are world-famous, and he has his own personal style that is uniquely his own.

How did Campbell grow up? He grew up in a Louisiana bayou, and he grew up with a traditional values family, and he wanted to get out of there and find something different. It was early on in life that he decided that he didn’t want the middle-class life. He took courses in biochemistry at UT, and he wanted to get into a medical illustrator career. He dropped out soon thereafter.

It was during his twenties that he moved to San Francisco, and he started a job copy editing for the City Lights Bookstore. He started tattooing at that point. He traveled all over the globe, to Europe and Asia, and he tattooed for money there, and then he moved to Williamsburg later on in the year of 2001.

He set up shop in New York in 2005, and he started a tattoo shop, and it was called Saved Tattoo. His career really took off there. His first tattoo was for Heath Ledger, who asked for a tiny bird flying on his left forearm.

Campbell was a real artist, and he did several shows solo, and the first show he did sold out at a gallery in Miami, called OHWOW. The gallery opened a spot in New York, and Campbell had a slow show there in April of 2010. In the latter part of 2010 in Mexico City, he took out gasoline and poured it all over his own exhibition, and he set fire to it. This was kind of an avant-garde, experimental thing to do, a kind of performance art thing, but it worked for him. Campbell said that he wasn’t happy with how the work was being exhibited, and he couldn’t stand to see his works in a setting that was totally against his purpose for creating them. He said that a fuel station right across from it and he took it as a sign from the Universe, that it was a good thing to do. He was part of a three-person exhibition too, and it had Raymond Pettibon and Steven Parrino alongside with him.

The Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacbos, collaborated with Campbell, and he did a number of fancy leather bags for the S/S collection in 2011. This was definitely considered one of his greatest accomplishments.

Scott Campbell has a notable reputation for unique artistry. Unlike other tattoo artists, he is also an established artist in other mediums. There are several real objects on his website that are there for display, and there are also art prints, and a lot of other kinds of works of art too. He has much more art displayed on his website than tattoo artists of an equally notable degree. Scott Campbell can properly be described as an artist first and foremost, and a tattoo artist second.